I am a member of the World Professional Association For Transgender Health (WPATH). I use their protocol to work with people who are questioning their gender as well as folks who are contemplating transitioning. I have 25 years experience with this work, so have many therapeutic as well as pragmatic suggestions to share with my Read more about GENDER VARIANT THERAPY[…]


If you want to work on enriching or creating a spiritual path, we accomplish this as part of psychotherapy or spiritual counseling alone. I help you develop your faith journey, whether it has a title or you are “just spiritual”.


We work together with images and dreams that occur to you. We also create images around issues you want to address. The process is somewhat like guided imagery where you do a journey to transform your life. I am your guide and help facilitate a positive outcome.


I am a wedding officiator and go through the entire process with you. There are two to three sessions for premarital counseling, so that we can identify possible problem areas and set up a strategy to address them. We then write your ceremony together, which is unique to you, or we can use a standard Read more about WEDDING OFFICIATION[…]


You identify areas in your body where you experience discomfort or pain. By the use of color and your own energy, we highlight that area and begin to shift how your energy flows. This can be done with any disease or dis-ease.


I have been practicing Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for 30 years and see it as a wonderful modality to help people change. Some people want to change habits, recover memories or learn more about themselves. I’ve had a lot of success with phobias, especially dental and exam-taking, helping someone through surgery or to deal with illnesses. Other Read more about HYPNOTHERAPY[…]

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I have been highly intuitive since I was a young child, and I like to share this with other people. So what is a reading? I go deep inside myself in an altered state. I then create a “safe place” and ask you to identify yourself and state your question. I report to you what Read more about INTUITIVE READINGS[…]


Developed by Francine Shapiro, Ph.D, EMDR is an information processing therapy meant to deal with traumatic events. After processing, clients generally report that the emotional distress related to the traumatic memory has been eliminated or greatly decreased. They have gained important cognitive insights. These emotional and cognitive changes usually results in spontaneous behavioral and personal Read more about EMDR[…]

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I have been a psychotherapist for more than 40 years and was trained at Adelphi University. The major Focus was Ego Psychology and the Systems approach. Everyone is interconnected, so no matter what we do, we influence others and are influenced by them. We work on taking responsibility for your own life choices by dealing Read more about PSYCHOTHERAPY[…]