LealAbbott LCSW Psychotherapist Yolo County, CAI have been highly intuitive since I was a young child, and I like to share this with other people.

So what is a reading? I go deep inside myself in an altered state. I then create a “safe place” and ask you to identify yourself and state your question.

I report to you what I sense, which includes: hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling and just becoming more aware. Often your own Spirit guides will show up.

People sometimes want to communicate with a loved one, who has passed on. I request that person’s presence and then relate what he or she says.

I see people’s auras and how their chi (energy) flows and where it might be blocked. Sometimes I get past lives, but I do not predict the future.

I do not do what has popularly been called channeling. I merely report to you what I hear and include you in the process.